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Employment Solicitors In Romford

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Do you need Employment Law Advice? Ahmet Ozcan advises both employers and employees 

Are you an employer?

The most common questions you would ask are:

  • How much will it cost to prepare a settlement agreement?
  • How much will it cost to prepare staff contracts?
  • Can I represent myself at a Tribunal?
  • What procedures do I need to follow to terminate an employees contract ?

Keeping on top of the latest employment laws can be difficult for any employer. We can help you with all aspects of employment law with the most common issues being :

  • Drafting and preparing of settlement agreements 
  • Reviewing, drafting and preparing staff contracts, handbooks and policies 
  • Issues and Disputes (relating to suspension, disciplinary’s and appeals)
  • Representing and defending Employers at the Employment Tribunal


It is important to give you the right support and confidence to take the necessary action regarding any employee. As an Employer you  need  to protect the smooth running of your business and address any day to day employment issues you may be facing swiftly.

We work closely with your existing HR team and will provide friendly straightforward advice.


Are you an Employee? 

The most common questions you would ask are:

  • Do I need representation at a disciplinary hearing?
  • What money should I receive on redundancy?
  • Have I been dismissed unfairly?
  • What do I do if I think I am suffering discrimination at work?

We can advise employees in all types of situations and can help if any of the above applies to you:

By providing straightforward friendly advice we can guide you through some of the difficult decisions affecting your career. Often the best approach is to talk to us before you talk to your employer so we can give the best practical advice.

We can also represent you in an employment tribunal or help you prepare for a disciplinary hearing with your employer.

Examples of the way we can help are:


  • Advising on your employment contract
  • Reviewing and advising on a Settlement Agreement (formerly Compromise agreements)
  • Advising on unfair dismissal or redundancy
  • Assisting with a grievance or disciplinary process
  • Representing you at Employment Tribunals
  • Negotiating settlements with your employer


If you are an Employer or Employee that needs advice please give us a call to discuss the options open to you at what can be a stressful time.

Contact Ahmet Ozcan at Romford on 01708 745183