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How Much Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax Will I Pay?

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We would like to invite you to our next FREE event which is an informative talk on Wills & Other Related Topics on Monday 24th June 5.30-7.30pm


Our probate team are always out in the community and are delighted to be able to offer you and your family the opportunity of coming along to a presentation evening covering the all-important issue of making a Will and other related topics such as:


  • Why should you make a Will?
  • Who gets your money if you do not?
  • Can a Will be challenged?
  • What Tax will you pay?
  • How do you protect your assets from going to the HMRC?
  • Care Home Costs and how this may affect you
  • What you can do if you have concerns about a family member’s mental capacity to deal with their affairs


We find in our experience people often feel more comfortable dealing with these matters in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We all think about drafting our Wills and planning ahead but lots of us put it off. Our talk is designed to give you peace of mind.


It affects all of us at one time or another so why not take this opportunity of coming along even if it is to ensure you have everything in order as you wish. There will be an opportunity to ask one to one questions in privacy with on your part at the end.

Venue:                                        Romford Golf Club, Heath Drive, Romford, RM2 5QB,

Date:                                           Monday 24th June 5.30-7.30pm


Numbers limited so please either email Joanne Druce  or book a space on the Eventbrite Link