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Paul Olubiyi

What are the tests for mental capacity when making a Will?

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The plethora of issues linked to mental capacity as it affects making a will, leaving legacies in wills to certain beneficiary, getting married, setting out Lasting Power of Attorney etc. is a minefield. Due care and attention...

Record High Number of Lasting Power of Attorney's are Challenged

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Online Applications for Lasting Powers of Attorney are put under Scrutiny by The Office of The Public Guardian An article in the Law Gazette stated that court action against people acting with power of attorney on behalf...

How can I mitigate the amount of Inheritance Tax to be paid?

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The Minimum Inheritance Tax Threshold Is currently £425,000 - What Can I do? There are ways to reduce/mitigate the impact of inheritance tax on the wealthiest. You have worked all your life and your...

If I am not married do I inherit my partners estate?

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Many people do not know that at present unless you are mentioned in your partner’s Will you will not benefit under the intestacy rules ( where your partner dies without leaving a Will). In a recent judgement where Siobhan McLaughlin, from County...

Should I appoint my Solicitor as my Executor

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Solicitors should in our opinion always put the client first. Trusting your solicitor to deal with aspects that involve the most stressful times of your life is essential. We can imagine only too well the heartbreak caused in situations where families are...