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Sangeet Tatem
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    • Director & Notary Public - Head of Wills & Probate Department
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Thinking of Buying or Selling a Property Abroad?

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What should I consider before I buy or sell a property abroad? The world has become a more accessible place for property investment with the advent of travel and technology. A lot of us tend to invest and buy a property overseas for a plethora of...

Euthanasia is Not Acceptable in the UK

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The Court of Appeal recently heard a case discussing the idea of legalising Euthanasia in certain circumstances. In Conway v. The Secretary of the State of Justice (2018 ECWA) – the England and Wales Court of Appeal has rejected a...

Penalties imposed on Undervalued Estates

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Undervaluing of Estates as Digital Assets go undeclared Failure by Executors to declare digital assets and online bank accounts could result in undervaluing of estates by Executors. Ultimately there will be increased risk exposure on lay...