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Auction - Is this an option for you? Martin Lawrence can help

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Martin Lawrence of F Barnes is at Countrywide Auctions today at Le Meridien Hotel in Piccadilly.

We are auction specialists and can help anyone in relation to the sale or property at Auction.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of buyers opting to purchase their next property or Investment at a Land and Property Auction.

The overall process is much quicker and easier but often buyers can be unprepared for exactly how an Auction works.

There are a few basic tips that can help prior to any bid being made which are in principle

  • View the property before the auction
  • Organise a survey or valuation prior to auction is this is something you consider important or necessary in connection with any mortgage you will be applying for
  • Ensure your finances are in order
  • Note the contents of the legal pack and identify any concerns you may have prior to any bids
  • Understand the Auction conditions

Our Martin Lawrence is highly experienced in dealing with properties at auction both in regard to purchasing and selling.

Martin can prepare or  vet legal packs and take the matter to a rapid and efficient completion.

We offer fixed fees and deal with all types of property

If you wish to talk to Martin about any of the above please call 01708 333711.