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Christmas can be a time for reflection - Are your loved ones looked after legally?

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Christmas - A time we spend with our loved ones

Christmas!  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” we sing!  What comes to mind for you?  Presents, roast turkey, crackers, parties, mulled wine, the school nativity, a carol service or maybe even a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe? 

Did you know that an estimated 10 million turkeys are eaten in the UK at Christmas time?  Shop shelves are stacked high and window displays bulge with seasonal delights. 

Perhaps we might even have a White Christmas this year?  I wonder how your preparations are coming along.  Maybe your tree is already in place beautifully adorned with tinsel and lights.  Let the festivities begin!

It is indeed a joyful time to celebrate with friends and family but also a poignant time of year for some who reflect and remember loved ones no longer with us.  It’s a time when many choose to take time out to volunteer and work with those less fortunate: the homeless, soup kitchens etc. 

I love to hear the traditional carols played in the background as I do my shopping and appreciate the sentiment of it all: “peace and goodwill to all men”.  There we have it, the most important thing of all for me – peace.  To be free of worry and angst is what we would all wish for.

We do hope you are experiencing peace in your home this Christmas but realise that, unfortunately, life can be unpredictable.  Sometimes life presents us with challenges without warning. It may be that you have a legal issue that is troubling you, we all have those niggling issues at the back of our brains.

If you have something that may need addressing, one of our legal advisors would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in a friendly, relaxed environment and offer you the benefit of our advice and assistance.

One common matter which is often put off “until tomorrow” is the task of making a Will.  Maybe this is something you have been meaning to organise? 

Many do not realise that if a person dies without having a Will in place then their estate will be distributed in accordance with the law, namely the rules of intestacy. This details a statutory order of relatives who would benefit.  It follows therefore, that your estate may fall into the hands of a relative you may not have chosen to benefit.  In cases where there are no living relatives, the estate passes in its entirety to the Crown. 

Preparing your Will now gives you peace of mind, knowing your wishes are clearly recorded and your affairs are in order for the future.

As a Will only comes into effect on one's death you may also have considered making a Lasting Power of Attorney to prepare for any future eventualities whilst you are alive. Having a registered LPA in relation to your health and welfare or property and finances is a way to be confident your future and wishes will be in the trusted hands of the person you choose. 

Again, to have peace of mind about your future cannot be underestimated.

As this is the season of goodwill  we have decided to offer special heavily discounted rates for the preparation of a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney. Our offer applies to any appointment made in January as long as this is  booked before we break up for the Christmas period on the 23rd December. 

You can call our Catherine Page to discuss the options available to you. She will go through all the prices, asses your needs and if you then feel you wish to make an appointment in January you can. There is no obligation to instruct when calling.

To qualify for the discounts please quote 'Christmas Special' when calling.

Finally, we would like to extend our Christmas greetings to you. We do wish you and your family peace this season and a Happy New Year in 2020.