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Do I need to make a new Will if I divorce or remarry?

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Sangeet, Paul and Joanne visit Romford Bowls Club to explain the complex rules on Inheritance Tax with Top Tips for Tax Planning

The team were out in the community once again delivering a free seminar on estate planning and the importance of having a Will. 

We cannot stress enough that without a Will you shall be left exposed in terms of who inherits your estate and be open to huge tax liabilities all of which can be avoided easily by coming in to get the proper advice.

Some of the many subjects covered was the complex area of Inheritance Tax, Tax Allowances, Discretionary Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and what happens to your estate without a Will being left.


There were a series of videos taken. Click below to watch  Paul explain some aspects on the night.


Some Club members arriving for the start of the talk

Want to find out how you can make tax savings and effectivly plan for the future please contact one of our Wills & probate team quoting Romford Bowls Club.