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F Barnes Solicitors offer a FREE 30 minute consultation for all Family matters

We know that since Covid 19 appeared there has been an even bigger strain on relationships in the home. Families are spending a considerable amount of time together, often spending their working day in the same environment as each other. Children are also often there when they would otherwise be at school or clubs.

The pressures of furlough, possibly losing your job, being made redundant, working from home and keeping the family home united since March 2020 are taking their toll.

Whilst we navigate all the different rules and hazards that accompany Covid 19 our home lives have all been affected in some way. Relationships can arguably be the one area that has been hardest hit.

Individuals are re-evaluating what they want from life and many have decided that they want to chose a different path.

At F Barnes solicitors we recognise that you are a person, not a statistic. We were one of the first solicitors to be a member of the Family Resolution body. We are compassionate and have solicitors who will provide sincere but honest advice that is best for you and your family.

We have three excellent  family solicitors who are ready to see you. We can offer a free 30 minute consultation which is designed to establish where you stand and the best course of action for you and your family. Where possible we work with all parties to resolve matters amicably. 

There is no obligation to instruct after the consultation. When it comes to decisions about your relationships, children and family assets you need to chose someone who knows what they are talking about and who outs your first. Take a look at our Google reviews to see what type of company we are and what we stand for.

To book email TJClients@fbarnes.co.uk