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Martin Lawrence - Fun Facts About Working From Home

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A day in the life of Martin Lawrence of #TeamFBarnes

My assistants, Misty and Myrtle

Last week was an unsettling week for many in the work place.

Like many we had already laid the foundations for our staff to work from home and stay safe. We are now closer than ever as a team working well as the F Barnes family.

We thought it would be nice to lighten the mood and feature some fun facts about one member of staff a day, showing you how we are working hard to keep our clients happy

Day 2:

We take a visit to Martin Lawrence who is your 'one stop shop' for Property advice and an expert in Auction sales and purchases

How you finding it Martin?

So, this is the first time of working from home, and I have surprised myself about how disciplined I am. I have managed to separate home and work well. I make sure that I start at my desk at 8am, have an hour for lunch and finish at 5. I am not tempted to check emails when I am 'at home'. 

The office is set up on the dining table, which can be a bit inconvenient at meal times.



Martin is a huge 'New Order' fan as you can see!

My wife works different shifts, but even when she's home while I am working she is not affected at all and can carry on as normal.

The other two residents, Misty and Myrtle, on the whole behave themselves, although as you can see sometimes want to take charge!

What I do miss is the interaction with my work colleagues, so I am looking forward to getting back to the office when we come out the other side of this horrible situation.

Martin loves nothing more than to help his clients move into their dream home or guide them through the very different process of buying or selling at Auction. Martin attends Auctions throughout Essex and London offering on the spot advice and has years of experience in this field.

He knows this is a tricky time for us all but if you need advice, a tentative quote or you are in need of liquidation some assets through Auction give him a call on 01708 333711 or email Martin Lawrence