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Sangeet Tatem on Time107.5FM- HCCI Hour -Tuesday 13th December

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Why should I make a Will? Call Time107.5FM at noon today and ask Sangeet Tatem of F Barnes

Our head of Probate & Wills, Sangeet Tatem will be giving advice and answering listeners questions on anything you need to know regarding Wills, Probate and Inheritance Tax today from 12noon.

The typical questions you may wish to ask are:

  • Why should you make a Will?
  • Who gets your money if you do not?
  • Can a Will be challenged?
  • What Tax will you pay?
  • How do you protect your assets from going to the HMRC?
  • Care Home Costs and how this may affect you
  • What you can do if you have concerns about a family member’s mental capacity to deal with their affairs

Sangeet is also a Notary Public and can help with questions relating to property oversees.

As a member of the Havering Chamber of Commerce & Industry, F Barnes are delighted to be able to offer their help with the regular Tuesday lunchtime slot at Time107.5FM.

Sangeet and her team will also be holding a presentation evening covering the all-important issue of making a Will and other related topics offering free advice on 17th January 2017 at the Romford Golf Club.  This will start at 7pm.  The invitation is to members of the public as well as members of the golf club.

For more information or if you wish to attend please contact joanne.druce@fbarnes.co.uk