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Team Building - made fun at F Barnes

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At F Barnes we do love to get everybody together several times a year. On April 13th we took the opportunity of spending a few valuable hours together across all departments to discuss the events since our last meeting, what is trending, departmental growth, cyber crime, marketing and business development generally.

We are such a tightly knit bunch of individuals who are positive, friendly and caring that these gatherings are always a triumph.

Here you can see our Business Development Manager addressing the team, mainly reflecting on the wonderful year we had as a practice in 2015 having celebrated our 60th year with at least one event per month.

You can clearly see the relaxed atmosphere amongst peers which is transparent with clients and associated businesses alike.

As a practice we are all so positive about 2016, there definitely is a buzz in the air and exciting times ahead.

The afternoon culminated in some fun activities which included picture and music quiz followed by the ever popular

‘F Barnes Giant Jenga’

To add to the fun members of staff voted for 12 awards categories some of which included

‘The Refreshment King or Queen’

‘Care in the Community’

‘I’m a Flapper’

Chief Dumping Ground’

‘Communications Expert’

Our Knight in Shining Armour Award was presented to Tony Church from the Commercial Property and Business Department for always being there. Congratulations Tony.