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The Land Registry now accepts Electronic Signatures

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HM Land Registry Reveals Changes to Signature Requirements

HM Land Registry has recently confirmed that it will now start accepting electronic signatures – paving the way for the entire conveyancing process to be conducted electronically.

Many have argued for the Land Registry to move towards the digital age and away from paper and pen. The process of obtaining signatures clearly had to be addressed but the decision to move over to electonic signatures has in no doubt been accelerated by the different ways in which we need to work since the outbreak of Covid 19.

We welcome the change. The housing market is difficult to navigate at the best of times but in recent months everyone appreciates the need for a personal, experienced guiding hand when you move home, or decide to buy your first property.

Now more than ever you need the personal touch to get you through what can often be a stressful journey.

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To find out more regarding the changes to Land Registry you can read https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/practice/land-registry-confirms-electronic-signature-arrangements/5105173.article