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UK Housing Market is Open for Business

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After weeks of being in Lockdown the UK housing market has been given a reboot - what does this mean for us?

Since the start of the lockdown we have been working hard to keep things moving for our clients. The enquiries, searches and legal process could still continue to a point as we moved towards exchange of contracts but this is where it became sticky with many wishing to hold off until new guidelines were set by the government.

Last week we saw the reopening of estate agents and removal companies in the hope that the housing market could get back on track.

For many of you this will be a welcome relief however it does not mean that this will be an easy process, there are some different aspects to navigate and many waters to calm as we emerge out of the turmoil Covid 19 is causing to our everyday lives.

It is more important than ever now to instruct a trusted personal legal adviser who is highly experienced in guiding you through the process of moving home. It is essential that you have that special person who takes the care to look at your circumstances with the attention that it needs and nurture it to get you to the desired finish line.

For us, nothing has changed in the service we provide, it is bespoke, personal and delivered by someone who has years of experience in the housing market.

If you are looking to kick start a new move, re-ignite an old one or simply wish to talk to an adviser to help you make a decision give us a call on 01708 745183. We do pride ourselves on going that extra mile with our service which is exactly what you will need to get you through your move during the coming months.