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Can I make my Will during Lockdown?

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Since the outbreak of Covid 19 many of us have turned our attention to ‘getting our affairs in order’. 

Historically making a Will is something that many leave until it is too late because it is something we do not like to think about. Things have changed dramatically in the last 9 months. 

So where do you start? 

For some people they already have a solicitor or at least have one recommended to them. Others may have to turn to searching on the internet.  The important thing here is that you find someone you trust. 

Solicitors that prepare Wills should be compassionate and approachable. They should be able to give clear advice and, in all cases, should review your financial circumstances and offer some estate planning advice.  

A Will comes into effect once you have passed away so whilst discussing the terms of your Will  you should also take the time to review how your affairs will be managed as you grow older. An experienced solicitor will not only look at how your assets will be distributed on your passing but they will look at the options open to you to protect your wealth and health during your lifetime. 

If you look at the reviews of a company then you will have a better idea of their level of service and if they are the right fit for you. 

F Barnes have an incredible reputation for being excellent solicitors looking after families for generations. Our solicitors are members of SFE and STEP and take pride in helping each and every individual. 

Nothing has changed since the arrival of Covid 19 and Lockdowns. Our solicitors now work within the parameters that they can lawfully to ensure you remain safe but feel confident in the advice you receive. 

Our Liam Gough is a member of SFE who explains John and Audreys journey in making a Will during Lockdown: 

“We’d already written our will with our solicitor three or four years ago, but this year there were amendments we really wanted to make. So, when Covid-19 came around, we already had a will to work from, and we’d already started considering our adjustments. 

We didn’t feel pressure to write our will as a result of lockdown, per say, but it must be said the threat of the pandemic really focuses your mind. No one knew what was about to unfold, so you do start to think about what matters. 

We worked on the will together with our solicitor, using Zoom or telephone discuss our amendments. Not all changes are as simple as taking things out or adding things in. 

To be completely frank, our main concern was the content of our will, rather than the process adapting as a result of lockdown. It’s so key to have a solicitor you have confidence in. Because ours is so good – she’s not patronising, you feel comfortable talking to her and being honest and open – it made the whole process easier. It removed any concern we may have had around the changes in processes. 

Would we have acted differently if we hadn’t met our solicitor before? Absolutely not. At the end of the day, if you have a will to prepare, you have a will to prepare – there’s no way round it! We wouldn’t have postponed it. However, we would have looked for a solicitor we felt we could trust. I think in these times, it’s your right to insist on more time with your solicitor (over the phone, on Zoom) so you can build that trust and make up your own mind on whether you’d like to proceed with your legal work with them, or take your business elsewhere. 

We’d have preferred to do our will in person, that’s for sure, but not because we had any doubts or worries about the preparing or witnessing of it, but because we enjoy the trip out of town! 

We did encourage some of our friends to follow suit, as we’d found the whole process so easy. A couple of them went on to prepare their wills during the lockdown. 

We decided to get our neighbours to witness us signing the will – we’ve known them for years and so this was an easy ask. We set up a step-ladder in the garden to use as a table, brought our own separate pens and wore gloves. The whole process took no time at all, and everyone felt very comfortable”. 

Now you can see how easy it is why don’t you follow John and Audrey’s example at F Barnes?  

We offer telephone, Zoom, WhatsApp, Teams or Skype meetings and supervised signing sessions or we can come to your home and witness will signatures through the window. 

Nothing is too complicated to overcome. Get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you and providing you with the peace of mind you are looking for. 

Below are some recent reviews:

We had to review our wills recently and Catherine Page was extremely helpful very knowledgeable and gave us all the advice we needed to make informed decisions.The appointments were very well managed in the current situation .We would recommend Catherine and F Barnes.Mr&Mrs Wilson.

We used F Barnes for a very upsetting reason, however we were met by such lovely people who dealt with our requirements not only in a professional manner but also friendly. We had Sangeet dealing with our case and her secretary, Sharon, both who we feel went above and beyond in the way that they dealt with our matters.Sarah 

I really received wonderful,professional  and friendly advice and reception from Paul, his secretary and rest of the staff in the reception area of the office. Paul is a wonderful ,very courteous,professional ,patience Young solicitor . He listened to my concerns and questions with patience and clarified any question  I asked without getting bored . The office staff was also very welcoming .There were occasions when I arrived earlier then appointment time but they did let me in and informed Paul.He always was prompt and courteous to see me .Anita Paul

We met Sangeet Tatum in the Collier Row office. Such a nice lady and very helpful. Recommended if you need a solicitor  Mick Nash