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How much Inheritance Tax do I have to pay?

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How do these changing times affect you, your family and your future security?

  • Want to learn about how you can keep your assets in the Family?
  • Worried about losing the ability of managing your finances or making decisions regarding your welfare?
  • Still not made a Will? Or worried your existing Will is no longer relevant?
  • Care Home Costs – Understanding how these will affect your estate
  • How to avoid Court of Protection control

In a time of everchanging financial landscape it is easy to be out of touch with how the law will affect you and your estate. Without careful planning you run the risk of giving as much as 60% of your estate to the government.

There has never been a  greater need  to come in to seek face to face professional, friendly advice.

One of the biggest concerns is how much Inheritance Tax you will have to pay and how you can fund the cost of a Care Home without losing your own home.

Instructing a solicitor to make a simple Will is straight forward and can provide ‘peace of mind’ yet only a third of us make a provision for our loved ones leaving it to the law to decide how your estate is distributed.

We have fixed costs for advising, drafting, preparing, executing and keeping your Will safe.  We offer packages for couples who wish to make a Lasting Power of Attorney at the same time as making their Will making it far simpler and reduces your costs.

To make a Will is not enough on its own as this will only come into effect upon your death.  The Courts can take control of your finances and assets if you lose mental capacity so you NEED to plan for the possibility that you have an accident, illness or lose mental capacity in the future to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of and your wishes are carried out.

With tailored cost packages, call one of our experienced solicitors

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