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Tracey Levins - Fun Facts about Working from Home

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A day in the life of Tracey Levins of #TeamFBarnes

Day 4

On day 4 of our meet the team working from home we take a visit to Tracey Levins who is your highly experienced 'always in demand' property expert. Tracey usually works at our Collier Row office but has swapped her daily commute for her journey downstairs to her new temporary work station.

So how you finding it Tracey?

Working from home,hmmmmm its a challenge to say the least as there are four of us here with me, Emma doing school work, Dave and son Mike both working from home.

Fortunately Dave has a work laptop else it could have been pistols at dawn for the use of his home computer due to Emma purloining mine as hers has chosen an inconvenient time to decide it doesn't like what she has to use.

Daily I am trying to stick to same routine as if going to work. I have been logging in about 8.00pm and dealing with the initial emails that have been sent overnight. Lunch at 1.00 and finishing, I would like to say at 5.00 but I have finished early on a day or two to go and get my parents some bits and pieces both of whom are in the at risk group.

Looked at the trampoline a few times and decided no not for me to many things to go wrong!!!! ( I will leave that to the imagination)

On the whole trying to keep as cheerful as possible keeping out of each others way unless necessary but if you hear screaming coming from my neck of the woods keep an eye on the news😂😂😂

Tracey loves to help her clients, she has helped so many families over the years with her pragmatic but personal approach to getting you moved. She misses the face to face interaction as her day would always be made up of seeing clients popping in to see how things were progressing over a cup of tea.

If you need property advice or a tentative quote give her a call on 01708 743727 or email Tracey Levins