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Estate Administration

Estate Administration Solicitors in Romford, Essex

An executor will be responsible for all aspects of administering a person’s estate. Even if the will is a simple one the procedures to follow can be complicated and lengthy and for many the amount of work involved in being an Executor comes as a surprise.

F Barnes solicitors can take care of all of the legal work involved in carrying out the wishes in a Will. We can do all of the work allowing your family members time to grieve and by using our experts the process is usually dealt with quicker.

Every person and their estate are different and so what is involved in administering an estate will be dealt with on an individual basis.

A summary of the services that we provide are:

Registering the death

If a family member has not registered the death, we will register it for you.


In most cases a Grant of Probate must be acquired before the wishes in a Will can be carried out. F Barnes solicitors can obtain all of the necessary financial and legal documents and apply to the court on behalf of the family as appropriate

Liquidating the Assets

We can liquidate all the assets and distribute in accordance with the terms of the Will or Intestacy. If there is a property to be sold within the terms of the Will F Barnes solicitors can deal with the sale in-house.

Tax and Debts

Prior to distributing a person’s possessions we will pay off any debts including Inheritance Tax ensuring that the correct amounts are paid.


F Barnes solicitors ensure that everything is distributed to the beneficiaries as stated in the Will. All matters are handled with care and sensitivity.

Full Estate Accounts

As soon as everything has been completed a full set of accounts will be prepared providing you with details of everything that has been transferred from the estate.

Call F Barnes solicitors today or email to make a no obligation appointment and we can discuss all aspects of the proposed Estate Administration.